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I’ve started to feel just like my boyfriend isn’t ‘the one’, must I keep?

I’ve started to feel just like my boyfriend isn’t ‘the one’, must I keep?

My boyfriend and I also have been in our mid-twenties and now have been together for 7 years. He is loved by me but i have always had an expression which he’s not ‘the one’ and recently that feeling has exploded more powerful. He is a form, loving and respectful partner, it difficult to explain exactly why I feel this way so I find.

Needless to say, like anyone, he is not perfect. They can lack ambition and assertiveness that we find annoying. He is able to be quite clingy and simply offended. Nonetheless, personally i think i have undermined his self-confidence through the years by more often than once saying that we want to leave — limited to him to persuade me to remain.

We have relocated many times for work and research and thus, have actually wound up quite isolated from friends and my loved ones. We both feel lonely from time to time and I usually find myself retreating into not likely dreams of a full life where he doesn’t feature. He seems we wrongly attribute my discontentment and loneliness to dilemmas within our relationship and therefore the modifications personally i think are section of numerous long-lasting relationships.

I believe I seem selfish, he loves me very much and is a good guy as I know. But another right section of me seems it really is selfish to remain with somebody i am perhaps not in deep love with. We battle to understand whether i ought to remain or get, plus don’t would you like to harm him (and myself) simply to discover that life isn’t greener.

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